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EFLStruct Structure

This structure gives informations on the register EFLAGS.

struct EFLStruct {
   BYTE OF_;
   BYTE SF_;
   BYTE ZF_;
   BYTE AF_;
   BYTE PF_;
   BYTE CF_;
   BYTE TF_;
   BYTE IF_;
   BYTE DF_;
   BYTE NT_;
   BYTE RF_;
   BYTE alignment;


Except for the field "alignment" that is only present for alignment purpose, all fields can be filled with one of the following values :

	TE_	equ	1	; the flag is tested
	MO_	equ	2	; the flag is modified
	RE_	equ	4	; the flag is reset
	SE_	equ	8	; the flag is set
	UN_	equ	0x10	; undefined behavior
	PR_	equ	0x20	; restore prior state

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